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Ways to Handle Irate Callers

In any job, there’s always the good news and of course the bad news. In call center life, one of the bad news is receiving a call from an irate customer. An irate caller is not really mad at you, he or she is particularly mad at the situation, or maybe the company. However, since you are the representative of the company, the customer sometimes directs his or her anger to you, subconsciously. Here are some scenarios or words of an irate caller and suggestions on how to handle them.

“I don’t want to talk to you. Give me your supervisor.” This is the standard line of a customer who has been talking from representative to representative and getting nowhere in solving his or her concern. Still, try to ask what seems to be the problem, even if the customer refuses the first time. Your suggested spiel would be, “May I know the reason you want to speak to the supervisor so I can relay the message to him and address it right away?”

“I don’t want you to put me on hold. I’ve waited too long from the queue.” This is usually true if there is a system issue. However, there are moments during the call when you would have to put the caller on hold, like checking the information about the customer’s concern. Your suggested spiel would be, “That’s okay. But there will be a minute of silence from my end as I look into your account.”

Customer ranting endlessly. Yes. You would also encounter customers that would rant endlessly over the phone, killing your average handling time. The best thing to do in this case is to listen, and when your caller suddenly breathes in, which will surely happen, then immediately make your empathy statement. “I’m sorry to hear that,”, “I fully understand where you’re coming from,”, “I’d feel the same if I were on your shoes,” will do the trick.

Customer using profane words. Most companies has standard procedure regarding this, since you are not being paid to get verbally insulted and harassed over the phone. The suggested spiel could be, “We are not tolerating profanity over the phone, and if you insist in using foul language, I will be forced to disconnect this call.” You may repeat it, but if the customer doesn’t listen, then hung up.

Don’t let irate customers ruin your day. Take the lead.

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