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West Contact Services

Posted on March 26, 2018 | 2 Comments on West Contact Services

At West Contact Services, clients are afforded cutting edge technology. West call center also conducts intensive research to ensure the development of the perfect solutions that fits a client in their respective industry. West Contact Services provides up to date reporting mechanism to ensure its clients of complete transparency and monitoring of customer interactions. West Philippines also generates important customer insights to improve marketing and products.

West Contact Services has a unique labor force constituted only of university degree holders to ensure professional service beyond encomium. Among the services provided by West Contact Services are Customer Care that aimed to build lasting relationships, Technical Support, Sales and customers Retention, office support services, multi channel service, performance evaluation.

West call center features the technology of the West and hospitality of the East, which earned the company as the top BPO company that provides the highest level of customer satisfaction compared to other domestic cell centers. West Contact Services also maintains a facility that is scalable to meet the requirements of its clients.

West Philippines call centers are located in:

West Corporation main office is in:

West Corporation
InterCall Headquarters
8420 West Bryn Mawr Suite 400
Chicago, IL, USA

For career opportunities, please visit West Call Center Philippines Job Openings.



west a very good flexibility hours of work, after three months on the floor, agent can request their preferred schedule and wait for the approval. i started at west when i was in 3rd year college at STI Caloocan and i was able to finish my study.

I moved to West because of the growth opportunities. I started out as an agent, after a month on the production floor I became a Quality Assurance Specialist, then I became a Trainer, now I am the Training Manager for our new site in Cybergate Tower 1.

Very good company. On time in paying salary. Never misses to give salary to their employee. Best General Manager, Mommie Beth Carabuena. Very helpful to us. I started as TSR and after 2mos in floor I was promoted as QA. HR is very friendly and accommod

schedule request is not sure! it takes 48 yrs to change it, if it change, its not what u request…u hve no choice but to follow it

pls give us salary info about west contact for experienced cca’s? & more comments pls! tnx! 🙂


west is simply th best.lots of room for growth…west rocks!! Helio rocks! i love my work … i never regret having west as my HOME!…

i would say…thank you so much… because…actually, i can’t find the words…i’m just very hopeful that i will stay here and grow…go west!

west is good when it comes to schedules, because its very flexible. but one thing i dont like about is the people inside the chase account.


hi i’m a UP student and i am conducting a research paper about call centers. i was just wondering of where could i get west’s telephone number so that i could drop a call and ask a permission for an interview… thank you.

Its fun to work here. My friends enjoy our dress to success moments. Its a very progressive American environment. That while they care for the employees so much so that they are given the flexibility, the employees must measure up. And thats were the mis

I love West.. West is the best! You can change your schedule after 3 months.. You can swap skeds.. You can give out your schedule and then get extra hours to make up for the shift you missed.. Cute trainers! Hehee.. Friendly and supportive team leaders.

I say, West is the best call center! =)

massasabi ko lng sa west hmm ok sya pero un payroll management d sya ok

the product training there is very “extensive” you will really learn a lot. the salary is reasonable, and the flexible scheds! but the real problem there are the conversions… the DRESS CODES!, and mingling with QA’s!

sana naman wag nila paasahin ang mga applicants sabihan nila kaagad na we are not qualified hindi yung tatawagan na lang and its been 3 weeks when i applied.

WEST is simply the BEST!! they have better incentives compared to other callcenters..i’m having alot of fun here!! i LOVE WEST!!! i LOVE EARTHLINK!! =) pat here..=)


i really love the environment with west, and the training? well excellent! you’ll learn a lot from the training and the people around you are very supportive pero laging queue dito especially sa cricket!

hi..my name is melody hapita…i want to work in your company..this is my number..09286326340..hopr for your colbak..tnx..

west so far is the best contact center iv been with .. specially an Earthlink line group account ( _ _ _ _ _ )…i love it here.. its different here.. i love it here.. i llove earthlink … wag lng mpunta sa cybergate kc its cool at makati..

Its fun working here.. i LoVe wEst & i LoVe eaRthliNk!!!

i LoVe the peOple here very accomodating.. spEcially EarThliNk (_ _ _ _ _) account.. all ur hard works are being paid off.. eaRthLink ROCKS.. thats why i LoVe it here..

mga taga west esp sa mga nasa HR wag naman kayo maging mga unfriendly and unapproachable… sana baguhin nyo na mga atittude nyo…

sana makapasa gf ko jan West.. good luck! ok daw dito sabi friend ko tga earthlink si glen GAF! I am Sykes

safe ka sa west pag hr job ka.

Well ang msasabi ko lang sa WEst, ok yun receptionist, yun mga hr, guard

may recruitment ba sa cybergate o sa makati lng pwede mg apply? rep pls. tnx



kudos west you give us what we truly deserve for a very high salary plus the chance to earn more everyday…long live west!

Salamat sa mga ballpens/freebies na pinamigay nyo sa job fair sa glorietta….SANA NEXTYM MAY BAG na kasama like sa Accenture and Teletech =p

west so fab!! they gave me 18k plus 3500 allowance.. so worthwhile staying here =)

west is unlike other call centers. environment is pretty laid back.. most of the top managers and supervisors are friendly… if there is politics… i can say that it only exists in two areas i know of… Chase and the Q&T Dept. Pay is high even for new

WEST, I believe is one of the best. It’s like home 🙂

sa west ok naman,basta marunong kumapit parang Cricket! here its not what u know its whom u know. grabe d2 and saya konting chika pagdating sa iba maraming dagdag

sa west daling mapromote pero pag napromote dami din sinasabi sayo, sana di ka na prinomote diba! ung ibang TL di ka lang makakapit na parang Cricket AY asahan mo sira ka na talaga sa iba. Ung iba dyang ptl sa Cricket kunyari mabait at napakatahimik at

I personally like it here. Just prove to them what you could do and they will give you the opportunity to grow..as for you guys who were not given a chance and a bit bitter by it, i hope you will find a call center

im one of the cricket QA. West is where my heart is. i started as an agent and after a year and a half, got promoted as QA. Environment is like a home to most of us.

worked almost 2 yrs here now..

West rocks, for a newbie like me I do get good compensation..EARTHLINK rocks..

i think west is good, there is no perfect company that ever existed. e2 lng yan..if you can’t live by the rules then get the hell out! you’ll learn to be happy here if you know how to. people are nice, compensation is good. the job is very easy, i


West is the best!

JULIET LEGARDO, maaasahan.. malalapitan sa oras ng kagipitan.. mayaman.. may laptop at naka broadband. IBOTO! JULIET LEGARDO for WEST KAGAWAD! Tandaan: LEGARDO as in L-O-P-E-Z! (hi, to wilma and lydia and to my friends at west.. i miss you guys.. this is

In fairness to our Cricket OM, she’s being targeted here because she’s treating us as human beings, as people with imperfections….not as numbers or stats that should be strongly managed to perfection…her compassion makes us stay..For me she’s the BEST

Im with west for 2 years now.. im with the highest paid agents of west.. I get 25k a month for biz tech support! labyu west! woohoooo!!

idol ko mga Barako Boys ng Cricket!!! mga walang kapintasan!!! Zero Defect talaga!!! pagpatuloy nyo lang mga idol!!!

kung may maasahan sa West Cricket, wala ng iba yun kundi ang mga Barako Boys! di nila inuurungan mga sup call. wala kayong masasabi sa work ethic nila! the best talaga sila!

Agents who have issues with their supervisors or co workers should directly address the people concerned. Posting details here is simply very immature and will not help solve your problems. To those who are reading comments, be wise enough to filter out

Sa West Cricket Acct lang ang maraming postings dito kasi sa Cricket lang makikita lht ng uri ng masasamang ugali ng tao…

ok dito pag bago ka. mas malaki sweldo ng new agents kesa sa mga matagal na! haha. apply na!

madali daw mapromote sa west sabi ng PTL ko si Kim.

oo nga buti pa si SME HAPPY kapag my sup call ka, HAPPY parin sya. kapag alam nyang inis ka na sa call, she will make u laugh..Cricket will never be the the happiest production floor without SME HAPPY.KIP IT UP HAPPY!

i love you jayson andal

Excuse me…PTL Kim!!! Infact, she’s one of the best PTLs.

PIPOL HAVE DIF. PERSPECTIVE WE COULD NEVER DICTATE!!!… So just Let them say watever they want to say!!!…. ….. … Basta ako!!! am an AVID fan of CRICKET BARAKO BOYS INC…. You all Rock!!!

To the Barako Boys: Eto oh nagtataas ako ng kamay


SME Bo Deane Escano, thanks for being my inspiration here in the floor.. take care always.. –love, Eyeshield21

as per company they are ok…but some of the people have attitudes

i love working here.. kapag ayaw mo pumasok post ka lang ng sched.. good luck nga lang kapag may kumuha.. konting tiis nga lang sa mga QA lalo na sa dun sa isang matabang baboy na taga chase.. intrimitida na sobrang akala mo mahal siya ng mga agents.. anl

y puro sme, ptl’s & ots lang me comment.we should also think abt those tenured agents who r helping the newbies, especially girls..titikas nyo. u know who u r boys…no need to name names

Nobody is perfect of all the OTS for me Ms IRIS is the “best” whenever she’s on the floor I can still be myself I can mess around with my co worker without being reprimanded she’s not “Kill Joy” and one good thing about her She always have this “SMILE” on

for me..best is west andito ako para sa work.i love my job & i love cricket 220 man ung iba so wat?does dat affect your performance asa tao yan kung iintindihin mo ang mga pangit mong kpaligiran wla

thank you sa sumusuporta sa GRUPPO CRKT comments kasi kame ang grupo na malupit magsubaybay para sa kapakanan ng nakararami..

yun mga agents na newbie wag kau mahiya sa mga tenured to ask help or any assistance, they r willing to help you anytime; Pres. gruppo crkt

guys to those who have disputes abt ur salary don’t be shy to approach ur PTL’s dapat mabayaran kayo ng tama… Pres. gruppo crkt

gruppo crkt is composed of tenured and some newbies from DR and were just exercising r freedom of expression here by posting our comments; by posting comments here mababago natin ang takbo ng kalakaran ng cricket acct, sana wala ng palakasan among OTS; lets all be professional, be fair and be kind and have some considerations especially to agents..

PTL’S thanks for having sometime checking out the comments here, wer not here to promote chaos, were just here to help u improve ur imperfections:

dun sa mga PTL na nagtatake advantage of mommy pinky’s being nice to them sana wag kayong abusado, abusada… we will not drop any names… gruppo crkt

sa West ang importante lang ang stats/service level.

WOW!! cricket account is the best indeed to the newbies dont hesitate to ask our tenured agents they are very competent sometimes better than “some” sme’s.


A perfect company does not exist. Wala din namang perfect na tao.. Its so to survive in Cricket, the account is so easy.. You just have to go with the flow. You just have to learn how to play the game. Kung hindi, ikaw ang talo. Ang pikon ay laging talo.

I love TL Bok!

to agents: konting respeto naman s nkatataas snyo. pra nmng d kyo tnruan ng mgulang nyo na dumisiplina.. to bosses: kya kayo may katungkulan pra tularan at d pra mang-abuso.. ayucn nyo trbho nyo. patunayan nyong propesyonal kyo at d puro yabang lang..

i’ve been with west for 2 yrs. masaya dito nun first year namin laid back the best

sa west cybergate 17th floor cricket acct eto ang dapat niyong iwasan

ang issue dito ay trabaho, kung may mali sa pagtatrabaho ng tao.. go cge. laitin nyo dto. pero leave the personal issues out of it.. its unhealthy and sooo unprofessional. it goes to show how squatter you people are.

ok na sana ang cricket account but guys, careful na lang kayo sa mga calls nyo, alang sasantuhin ang account na ito, just what had happened recently to our two tenured agents, na dismissed ng walang kalaban laban where in fact dapat may due process. di ak

in fairnez to kiko, he’s efficient ptl naman…you just need to hit your kpi’s which is reasonable..wla namang perpektong tao…(“,)

in fairness sa account, its nice sana pero nagiging kawawa mga agents dahil sa mga OTS

d2 mraming maganda!!!

tl bok is the BEST! we love her from batch 21

We miss you TL bok

Theres one trainer at west cybergate cute chubby and short he reminds me of a famous american actor DANNY DEVITO.


abt 2 agents term,west has diff accts they cld hv offered to trans them.

gusto maasikaso ang PTO or Change Sched mo. BUY ka sandwich everyday and earn points!!!

congrats nga pala kay PTL KIM…

bakit wala tayo xmas party??? yung ibang call center sobrang astig ng xmas party nila. tayo wala!


to patrick famllaran: aanhin mo naman ang pagiging matalino mo, ung scholastic awards mo, at pagiging ‘institusyon’ mo?

yung ibang mga bagong ptl dyan napromote lang akala mo kung sino na..magpasupcall ka.. dami dami tanong sayo para ipadeescalate yung call..haler…di ba nila alam na ginawa na lahat ng agent para ideescalate yung call..sino ba ang gusto magpasupcall??….

west rocks…

miss IRIS is the BEST!!!! If you cant take it then just swallow it.

bakit ng ba na desolved ang DR???

west is a best company na siguro kaso nga lang minsan may attitude yung ibang SME at TL pero i dont care basta i will do nalang my duty batch 44 gud luck

auggie del rosario is one o f the prettiest faces in cricket. suplada nga lang.


hi lang sa batch 34 ng CHASE!

i love west kasi dun ko nameet mga friends ko

the best tlga sa west..hehehehe..

To everyone, there is no such thing as a perfect company. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the oven. Only time will tell if a company is worth your effort and loyalty. If you think West doesn’t deserve what you’re giving them, then maybe, it’s time to move on


Maganda sana sa West kaso ito lang yata ang call center na walang Christmas Party!!! Bakit??? Ms Beth Carabuena pakisagot lang po ito sa OLRT so that agents will know why. thank you

guys do you know that new promoted PAS has bigger salary than the old PAS? yes this is already confirmed!!!!

West rocks your world.. They value their employees.. They have good and funny trainers.. Good and clean facility.. And best of all you have the bes COS in town..

T.L. mabait na T.L. yang si T.L. arien siya ang pinakamabait na T.L. motivated ka pang maginf top agent sa kanyang team

mabuhay ang Spice Girls!! kayo ang nag unite sa west!!

West? Its different here.

Cricket SME’s could you pls make sure that you guys have 1 resolution bec each 1 of you have different answer on 1 concern and we agent get confused honestly most of the time we get the correct answers from tenured agents.

Ive been with west (cricket) for more than a year now Im yet to find the Ideal sme or tl when it comes to product knowledge I miss TL mark If I cant understand I just have to ask him he’ll explain it in two sentences & then Im all set however,tl cor is

to Cricket SME Bo Deane Escano: wishing you a blessed and fruitful new year. take care always. — love, Eyeshield21

I agree Cricket is a good account some sme’s and ptl’s are approachable some of them are “nuts & paranoid” they think you are out to challenge there inteligence where in fact agent is doing the job to give good cust service, nothing personal.

Try to understand everyone of us is expendable this is a foreign company and whatever they say our admin will just say yes! bow! at your service, etc. etc . So dont be surprise, dont wonder, just prepare yourself.

they have no problem eliminating and terminating anyone at west , this is the ratio 3 for 1 dollar. O di ba?

west is a good co. as long as u know how to follow their rules and regulations

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  1. Ationy Reply

    In west it’s a good environment..super light lag ng mag calls, daling mag VL at ganda din ng pay Kasi biweekly ang problema Lang sa west mga sup jan prinopromote Dahil kaibigan nila…taz ang OM jan sa isang collection account walang ginagawa nagkukulong sa office Niya hawak ang iphone fb,Instagram etc…naalala ko Lang may TL kami jan super galling pero misunderstood lagi but Kung tutuusin Siya yung the best sa lahat ng staff yung sups at om jusko mag walang silbi..kudos to TL Palicdon pag nag apply me ulit sa west sana Ikaw padin boss ko!

  2. jem Reply

    Well… I must say West is very good with on-time salary, yun nga lang I’m having problems with getting my referral bonus. I had to go back thrice and this is going to be my fourth time to come back if ever.. I’m not sure if HR is giving me a hard time or what pero sobrang bagal talaga nila mgprocess.

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