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Western Wats Philippines

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Western Wats Philippines doesn’t provide the usual call center company like customer service and technical services, they merely provides services base on market research. Western Wats provides in turn for their customers. The company will then gives the information they wanted to survey for a particular topic. The natural information which is the main concern for the market research and point of view is the best for the market research to be more as effective as possible.

Western Wats Philippines will give their topics as hypothesis testing, approval rating for a particular person or situations, market segmentation as well as the product development. Western Wats main purpose is provides information base on quantitative research development. By means of telephone interviews, this is base on the actual or an interactive voice response machine that collects information from the customers, the online surveys also has a lot of help in improving the services of the Western Wats for the industries as telecommunications like telephones social medias and other social communications, retails, health care and the high technology.

The company Western Wats has over 16 phone centers circulates in the country. Their office in Cebu City Philippines is solely the facility outside the North America. It is the largest and the fastest growing company compare to other phone centers in the Philippines.

Western Wats call center is located in:


Well, me and my friends are interested in being call center agents but we seem to have difficulty in finding the contact number for its office here in Cebu. Other call centers have online application. I wish Western Wats would have that too.

i want to apply but im having a hard time looking for your contact numbers i wish that you could post that.. please?

i suggest that you should have an on-line application form to be filled out like that of the other call centers.

call Western Wats Cebu at 341-3266

people please do apply. we are still hiring agents to come and join us here in CEBU.

I have been with western wats and it has helped me a lot. There is more confidence in me and I was able to meet different types of people in the US just buy talking to them on the phone.

hope that I could be one of the call center agent. I do really wish so!! Hope that youl’ll give us a chance to do so!!!!

Hello People… Im Joy of Bulacao Pardo, Cebu City… Im just a fresh graduate last March 23rd of this year. You know what guys!!! I have a cousin working in western wats. She’s said working as a call center agent, it’s stressful because your workin

i’ve heard western wats is a great company. i am planning to apply and will call tomorrow..im looking forward in working there..

I heard of all these things said about WWats. I’ve been in the company for almost a year and everything’s just great. You don’t just get diamonds falling from the sky, you dig them from under the earth. YOU DIG… If you’re not digging it, better start

It’s very easy to get inside Western Wats. I just recently resigned for personal reasons but as far as I know this is the easiest call center job that you can get. You get angry people most of the time because you’re the one disturbing them. You get used

Hey, it’s not that hard to get into Western Wats because they don’t judge you harshly and immediately. But don’t get me wrong, THERE IS A RANKING SYSTEM, there is a number one based on your productivity rate and quality evaluated through machines and peop

SOME (not all,but many) of the supervisors exercise FAVORITISMS in their workplace! i think you gotta review your work ethics you know! you better get rid of your pet peeves!

hi im josh im applying in wwats, i alrey submting my resume online. look forward for your calls and interview. thx guys. more power.


western wats is great!it’s oneof the best companies i wanted to work on…i hope i ca make it there:)) see you there guys `coz i’ll try my luck there && im gonna be one of you COOL PEOPLE:)) weee!

i would like to apply.. and to work there.. my friend say high school graduates can also apply western Wats .. i hope so.. if given an opportunity.. will accept it..

hi!i am very intrested to be a part in your cpany.hope you will give me a chance………….

WesternWats Phillippines CEBU shop has the best people in the vicinity. No wonder it is the fastest growing data collection research center worldwide.

i’m trying to apply as a call center agent in western wats. the ocation is in my favor really because i reside in lapu2x. Just want ask for tips for those who has landed a job here especially in the job interview part. thanks

hi…im shenna…can i ask?do u have an online application?thnkz…

hi there do you still accepting part time call center agent?..

hi!! im interested and willing to be part of your company since this is my first time here and also i want to work in your call center coz its very accessible for me since i live in lapu lapu… i hope it will be granted…thank you…

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