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Working as a call center agent is a rewarding job. That is why the WESTLINE Asia is looking for a potential candidate that will employ in their biggest and booming company. The candidate must possess at least a High School Diploma, a Vocational Diploma, short courses certificates, bachelor’s/college degree in any field of studies. The candidate must be willing to assign in different shifts. They can apply and start their career in Westline Asia. Applicants must be willing to train and if fluent in speaking English is a number one factor to consider in applying as a call center agent in Westline Asia.

Being able to land a job in these difficult times is a blessing from the Almighty. Graduate from a different course not the specific course taken is now the trend and the “in” as of today. Job mismatch is not a problem for the job seekers to consider. Many companies are now hiring potential candidates that are not fit or suited for the course they have taken when they where in college. Experience for the position is very much considered. Say for example a graduated nurse can have a job as a call center agent or an IT expert can also land a job as a call center agent. Knowledge or the expertise in speaking and communicating in the International language is a big step to have a job in this kind of condition a high school graduate who did not even enroll in a university can also have a decent job as a call center agent provided he/she can communicate well in an English language. The point is finishing a four year course in a University doesn’t mean that the course taken is the one that will provide someone’s job, sometimes the job aspiring since college or since childhood is not the job that will get once graduated from a University

Location of the Westline Asia is located at the Prominent Central Business District of Makati and will soon open their doors in Quezon City and in Metro Manila.

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