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What are Virtual Assistants?

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Virtual assistants generally refer to assistants that provide their services virtually through the Internet. The employers and the employee i.e. assistants do not necessarily work together in a shared office with a similar physical address. Instead the employer-employee relationship, communication and transaction are all facilitated online via the Internet. Thus, a virtual assistant can be remotely located at the other side of the world and provide assistance to one’s employer or boss, who is located in the other side of the world.

Because the relationship between the employer and virtual assistant does not follow the traditional set up like in formal organizations and companies, the virtual assistant can be generally considered self employed. They are independent contractors that are hired by a person for an agreed period of time and agreed amount of pay. A client or the person who hired a virtual assistant does not pay the conventional government mandated payments that a typical employee must pay such as tax as well as other rights an employee is entitled to such as SSS, Phil health or Pag-ibig contributions. Said client also saves on other related expenses such as provision of office space, equipment or supplies.

Generally, an assistant who provides services through the Internet can be called a virtual assistant. This assistance can be in the form of transcription, data entry, technical programming or writing, among others. However, in the world of home based freelance jobs, a virtual assistant particularly refers to work that provides administrative assistance especially for small businesses and entrepreneurs. This included acting as the mediator between the boss and his virtual recruits, preparing memo and other correspondences, and other similar administrative functions that the client requires.

This assistance is very important as it frees the boss’s precious time and resources from trifling administrative matters to focus on the core operations of their business that makes real money. Virtual assistants allow a business owner to have a secretary or helper, without necessarily physically hiring one in the office.

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