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What is a BPO Specialist?

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BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing. A BPO specialist is a professional who is comprehensively knowledgeable of the operations and services of the business process outsourcing company. The specialist provides supposed to operate back office internal business functions like billing, purchasing and contracting among others.

The primary duty of a BPO specialist is to manage all the daily tasks and work of the BPO or outsourcing company like a call center. He or she is engaged in human resource management of all professionals working in the office, must work to improve daily operations by addressing and reducing mistakes or errors, must carry out professional services including legal, business and financial analysis, provide customer service directly to clients, enhance operations to be more efficient by bringing down the lead times of design-to-market, set goals for better quality, improving sales, speed and efficiency, keep all people inspired, motivated and productive, and keep oneself with the latest trends and development in industry through proper training and networking. A more detailed job description included generating or preparing contracts and monitoring post labor arrangement, managing data and queries, generating mail invoices, credits and invoices, reporting to top management and conducting special research and reconciliation projects.

A BPO specialist must at least have a college degree on any course but preferably in business management. He must have at least 1 year of working experience in the BPO industry especially in its back support operations (i.e. time tracking process contract setup) He must have excellent English communication skills both written and verbal to effective interface with both clients and employees. He must have basic computer knowledge (i.e. Microsoft Office) and other tools he will need in executing one’s duties and function. And he must be knowledgeable of the perpetual changes in BPO sector in order to progressively adapt to changes to keep oneself competitive. He should also be highly systematic and detail oriented. As a leader in the pack, he must be independent and self motivated while maintaining integrity and trustworthiness to command respect and following from others.

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