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What is a Healthcare Associate?

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A Healthcare Associate is a customer service agent that provides service to a healthcare account as insurance company or a hospital. This position serves as a front-line function in the health care delivery system. Depending on the level of healthcare associate, duties may vary. The basic functions of a healthcare associate includes receiving calls from patients and assisting them with their appointments, greeting patients who calls, scheduling appointment based on policies and procedures, calling patients, promoting health services by gathering information and evaluating patient and answering all incoming calls.

A higher level healthcare associate provides higher level customer service by working closely with other departments ensure smooth patient flow. They are also involve in handling inquiries, requests and disputes over the phone, elaborate billing procedures and service systems, and possess the highest standards of healthcare customer service such as utmost kindness and consideration, inculcation of universality of health regardless of ones socio-economic or religious circumstances, and is able to perform other tasks as required by the company.

Unlike other typical customer service agents, a healthcare associate is distinct in providing a more personalized form of service to customers because of the nature of health during which people are more emotionally vulnerable. Moreover, accuracy and time are important facets of the service because time is of essence during health emergency situations while inaccuracies can lead to life and death situations.

A healthcare associate can ideally be anyone with an experience in customer service. Training are often provided hence, anyone can qualify. In the Philippines however, with the abundance of healthcare professionals and nurses, most healthcare associates are graduates of health related degrees such as nurses. They are believed to be knowledgeable of the dire importance of time and accuracy in healthcare customer service. Similarly, language communication and computer skills are basic requirements in order to effectively work as a healthcare associate.

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