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What is an Outbound Sales Agent?

An outbound sales agent in a call center company is a call center agent tasked to call to potential customers to sell products and services of the company. It is termed “outbound” because calls are initiated by the agent. And it involves selling a product.

An outbound sales agent is synonymous to a telemarketer who sells products and services over a telephone except that the outbound sales agent works in a call center company that outsourced the selling/marketing operations of the company whose products the agent is selling. Specific in the call center industry, the outbound sales agent contracted or hired by a call center company to sell products or services of another company over the phone. However, the agents do not call people randomly.

They already have predetermined sales leads that are based on the sales condition established by the company they are representing. Outbound sales agents call prospective customers and convey a sales presentation using a prepared script. They also often required to maintaining comprehensive records of leads and achieving sales quotas.

Since an outbound sales agent is involved in selling, the most important asset one needs to possess is persuasiveness or the ability to convince or influence people to do something like buying their products. Good communication skills are necessary for clarity in sales presentation as well as good customer rapport and phone etiquette. Resilience is also a critical trait among outbound sale agents because they are usually involved in cold calling and may be subjected to pressures, failures and resentment from customers.

Aside from one’s salary, an outbound sales agent is usually entitled to receive generous bonuses and commissions for closing deals or successfully selling products. The commissions are generous to motivate agents to work hard.

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