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What is Contoh Percakapan in Call Center?

“Contoh Percakapan” is a Bahasa Indonesia term which literally translates to “example conversation”. Contoh is example while Percakapan is conversation. In the call center industry, “Contoh Percakapan” essentially refers to an example dialogue between an agent and a customer. Many agents especially newbies look for a Contoh Percakapan so that they would have an idea on how an actual customer service is rendered. A Contoh Percakpan is also used by companies in order to evaluate their service.

In another sense, Contoh Percakapan is a term used to refer to an online “forum”. And similarly, it is used by users to connect with other users who share the same interest on the subject of the forum. 

Multi-lingual call center agents are in demand due to the influx of customer campaigns from countries such as China, Indonesia, Thailand, etc.  If you know Bahasa Indonesia language, you should be familiar with Contoh Percakapan.

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