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What is Home Based Call Center?

As its name implies, a home-based call center is call center in which employees/ agents are working at the convenience of their homes. Home-based call centers are actually virtual call centers in which agents, customer representatives, marketing sales agents or tutors work at their homes instead of going to a centralized office to provide their services. Thus, agents of a home-based call may be geographically scattered in different locations.

Such arrangement is very convenient and attractive for many people because it avails them of flexible working hours, save them time for commuting or for travel, save them for dressing up in uniform or a casual dress code and give them time to meet their equally demanding work at home. For the organization, the home-based call center model allows them to save cost from building and equipment costs, and other operational expenses (electricity, internet, etc.). The more convenient location at home can lead as well to lower employee turnover rates and less administrative work.

Working from home as a call center agent however does not mean that the agent can be lax in the conduct of one’s work and duties. Hired agents should equally commit themselves to provide their best effort in providing their services. Aside from the typical qualifications for a call center agent such as good English communication skills and computer skills, the agent must also have the reliable equipment, system and internet connection to conduct home-based service. Without which, one is immediately disqualified from becoming a home-based call center agent.

In working as a home based call center agent, the hired agent usually needs to download a particular application used by the virtual organization in rendering its services. The agent conducts his customer services by logging in through the virtual organization’s exclusive system. Most employers for home-based call center job are single proprietors or entrepreneurs. Thus, home based agents are aptly called as virtual assistants. One can find work openings for home-based call centers in online job postings like odesk, Guru.com and Craiglist.


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