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What is Knowledge Process Outsourcing?

As its name implies, Knowledge Process Outsourcing or KPO refers to the outsourcing of critical knowledge to the company, which is an integral part of company’s operations. Whereas most outsourcing services focuses on providing secondary or subsidiary functions of a business, KPO focuses on the main business of the company. This included research and development, market research, consultancy, and other specialized expertise. One of the primary reasons for the emergence of KPO is to the need for attaining the required expertise of a company which may be available outside the company or outside their country for that matter.

The term KPO actually interlaces with other different outsourcing services that required specialized knowledge or expertise. For instance, outsourcing software development could arguably be considered as a form of KPO because it entails the use of expertise of other people for production. Getting writers who prepare the company vision, mission and objectives as well as write up for one’s website is also a form of KPO because it entails the research and knowledge of the outsourcer. The future of KPO is wide and broad which may include Legal processes outsourcing, business research, clinical research, market research and even clinical research. However a common denominator for this type of outsourcing is it entails access to the knowledge and expertise of the outsourcing vendor.

One of the companies who successfully utilize KPO is a mining company called Goldcorp, which revolutionized the mining industry by open sourcing. The company published their geological data over the web and invited experts to examine and suggest the best method to explore and extract minerals in their property. This approach allowed to company to gather experts around the globe and the one who produced the best approach was generously awarded.

In the same token, KPO allows company to get access to the best experts that they need from around the world. Indeed, this strategy has further facilitated the international cooperation of people around the world that integrated economies national economies for the betterment of humanity.

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