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What is Legal Process Outsourcing?

Evolving from the outsourcing phenomenon, Legal Process Outsourcing (or LPO) is the outsourcing of legal support services usually by a law firm. The activities practically involved all legal processes except those works that require personal presence or appearances in the court. The concept of Legal Process Outsourcing is a progression if the principle of labor division in which protracted and burdensome activities are assigned to legal researchers, document reviewers, law interns and paralegals, which allow law firms to achieve efficiency and rationalize productivity of their key personnel.

Among the most typically offers services of legal process outsourcing included legal research, document review and legal writing. Legal research pertains to the time consuming process of finding related decisions from the supreme court, which is used as reference or basis for legal arguments in support of one’s case. Document review is the process of checking the provisions of a document if the document conforms with the policies and standards set by the law as well as evaluate its legal repercussions and benefits/ disadvantages to the parties involved. Finally, legal writing basically refers to the preparation of draft of pleads and briefs based on the parameters said by the law firm.

Crucial in legal process outsourcing is the comparative similarity of the outsourcing law firm and the outsourcing vendor. Apparently, different countries have different laws and interpretations of laws. What is proscribed or illegal in one country may be acceptable or legal in another country. There should also be certain cultural and religious conformity between the two countries because religion and culture are almost always a factor in the creation of laws.

At the moment, India is the largest LPO destination for UK because the similarity of their legal system. India’s legal system and constitution in general is fundamentally based on British common law. However, the Philippines is also becoming a fast contender in LPO outsourcing because the Philippine legal system is predominantly derived from Spanish and American law apparently because Spain and the US are two of the country’s major colonizers.

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