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What is Positive Escalation?

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Escalation is essentially a management strategy for attaining efficiency in solving problems by exhausting lowest resources so that the higher resources are used for more important strategic pursuits of the company. Escalation basically pertains to the elevation or referral of an unsolved problem to the next level from the lower level until it reaches the highest level.

This is usually implemented when an irate customer insists on speaking to a supervisor or “someone in authority” for a certain problem or issue that the agent seemed incapable of resolving. In lieu of which, the term escalation carries a negative stigma that one was unable to meet the client objectives thereby requiring help of a higher ranking officer or the agent encounters an irritable customer who demands talking to a higher officer to complain against the ineffective agent.

Amidst all this, there is also the concept of positive escalation. In which case, the client insists of talking to a higher ranking officer like a supervisor or manager to make a personal commendation and approbation of a customer agent for a job well done. This normally occurs when an agent has provided an excellent service or has successfully fulfilled or resolved a client’s problem which made the client happy and very satisfied to the extent that the client takes the initiative to commend the agent by informing the agent’s officers about a job well done. Some clients do this as a form of gratitude or to recompense the customer agent, who helped him in resolving one’s problem.

In return, the client helps the agent by personally giving one’s positive feedback or recommendation to the right authorities, which could hopefully give merit to the agent.

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