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What is Positive Scripting?

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People are influenced or inspired by messages from people whom they usually look up to such as a parent, a mentor, teacher, a showbiz idol, or a politician, among others. Positive scripting generally refers messages that provide a positive or constructive idea or meaning to a person that would help inspire, build confidence or esteem or remove any depressing or negative notion or feeling to a person.

In the call center industry, however, positive scripting refers to formulating ones message in a positive or constructive manner so as not to upset or frustrate a customer. This is especially needed when there are problems in the company (e.g. power outage, downing of server, etc) which caused complaints from a customer or there are issues which the company cannot accommodate the request or address the need of the customer. Positive scripting is very much useful when dealing with irate customers, who is inclined to get more agitated when hearing negative words like no, can’t and won’t.

For instance, a customer complaint is attributable to technical problems on the part of the company. Instead of saying that we cannot do something about it because the company is currently having some technical problems, one ought to say that the company is currently fixing or upgrading its system and connections will normalize for a short time. If for instance, a customer is asking for an exchange for a purchase that the client had damaged, it would be imprudent to immediately reject customer request by saying “I am sorry but I can’t do that sir because company policy does not allow exchanging items that are damaged”. Instead, rephrase the sentence positively like, Company policy had my hands all tied up about exchanging a purchase that the customer damaged, how about replacing it with a new item since its still under warranty”.

Positive scripting allows one to say not by brining in a positive note to the statement, which is a more acceptable way for customers than a complete and utter rejection. It gives the customer a feeling of being valued and accommodated than just being discarded. This will also help decrease the average handle time that can in turn improve productivity and improve an agent’s customer satisfaction (CSAT) score.

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