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White & Case Global

Posted on October 3, 2017 | No Comments on White & Case Global

White and Case is a world-beater when it comes to providing legal solutions for your companies. As an International law firm, White and Case is in the forefront of the most trusted firms given its background in solving tricky legal battles. White & Case Global has served countless companies in its mission to bring back fairness and parity in the legal battlefield.

Given the company’s team of talented and knowledgeable lawyers, White and Case will shield its clients away from legal troubles. White and Case has lawyers that know their craft like the back of their hand. Our lawyers will make sure that every ground will be covered for the clients so that they’ll come out unscathed with their company’s reputation intact in every legal battle.

Here at White and Case, we believe that prevention is better than cure. The firm wants to prevent the lawsuit before it even happens. White & Case Global will make sure that every document and any stipulation that comes with it accords to the law so your company won’t have to deal with further legal action.

When it comes to services, White & Case Global provides legal solutions for industries such as Aviation, Infrastructure, Aviation, and Real Estate among others. White and Case will deal with the legal intricacies of these industries to protect your companies against the legalities that may come.

White and Case also has lawyers for trickier lawsuits like Intellectual Property, National Security, Data Privacy & Security, and International Arbitration that requires years of ligations and evidence to reach a resolution. White and Case and its lawyers will provide its full attention to your legal action to achieve a favorable verdict.

As complex as any litigation may be, White and Case will find a way and let the process come out naturally. White and Case and case will turn every stone until our legal team uncovers the truth. White and Case will take every legal step possible for your company’s gain.

White & Case main office location:

  • White & Case USA
    1221 Avenue of the Americas
    New York, New York
    United States

White & Case Global Operations Centers:

  • White & Case Makati
    7/F The Enterprise Center Tower 2
    6766 Ayala Avenue
    Makati City, Philippines
  • White & Case Singapore
    8 Marina View
    Asia Square Tower 1
  • White & Case Australia
    50/F Governor Phillip Tower
    1 Farrer Place
    Sydney, NSW

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