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White Label Services 2014

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White Label Services 2014 Inc. is a company is recognized as one of the leading SEO companies in the UK, and works with some of the biggest companies both in the United Kingdom and United States. The company is based in the Philippines. However, its main corporate headquarters is situated in the United Kingdom. Through the company’s expertise when it comes to web development and executing effective SEO strategies, the company’s goal is not only to increase the page rankings of its clients, but also, to make sure that they are satisfied with the services that are being provided to them.

When the company was first established, it only has 8 members. However, White Label Services Philippines proves to be growing rapidly in the past year, and now there are numerous talented individuals that make up its team, along with other freelancers working part time for the company. In just a span of 6 months, the company’s patrons have increased from 40 to 100, and hence, giving it a lot of accommodations for promotions to assuring team members. Monetary incentives are also given to individual employees who show exceptional performance, as well as to every month’s top performing team.

Teamwork makes the dream work. This is the core principle that the company believes in. Thus, White Label Services is on its way to finishing its dream team.

White Label Services 2014 Inc. is currently on the lookout for people who can be part of its fast growing team. It is in search for positive aspirants who has the genuine leadership potential to go beyond and exceed the required expectations in order to help the company attain its goal of transforming into the number one SEO company in the world.

If you are someone who believes that you have what it takes to be a part of this dynamic organization, apply now. The company is proud to acknowledge that it has a friendly and enjoyable working environment to offer all while keeping the serious professionalism whole.

Currently, the company is looking for someone who could fill the post of SEO specialist who will take responsibility in utilizing various optimization techniques to promote the website content of the company’s clients.

The working hours for the employees are between 10am to 7pm, Mondays to Fridays at the company’s headquarters located along U.N Avenue, Manila.

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