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Why choose Philippines for Call Center Services?

The Philippines currently ranks as the no. 1 outsourcing nation for contact services in the world today. It has become the no. 1 choice for outsourcing call center services especially servicing English speaking markets. What makes the Philippines the perfect choice for outsourcing contact center services?

Quality. The Philippines provide the most qualified manpower supply compared to other countries. First off, the country is the third largest English speaking nation in the world, hence English, which is the principal medium of communication in the industry is not a problem.

Not only are Filipinos great English communicators, they also speaks neutral English which make them more easily adaptable to different accents required by the market to facilitate better understanding. More than the ability to quickly learn different accents, Filipinos also has a history of western influence. It became a colony of Spain for 300 years. It was also a colony of US for a little less than half a century hence its culture is easily more akin to western culture. Finally, the Philippines have a high literacy rate. It has a supply of professionals who are easily trainable for any kind of professional services including technical support that call center companies require.

Cheaper labor. While providing quality manpower comparable to any other first world country, the biggest advantage of outsourcing call center services in the Philippines is labor cost. Labor is at least 5 times cheaper compared to first world countries.

Infrastructure. Because of the continued progression of the countries as an IT hub in Asia not only in terms of outsourcing industry but also the manufacture of IT products and the provision of other IT related services, the country has continued to invest in advancing its IT infrastructure to be robust and reliable.

Experience. Because the country has become the no. 1 outsourcer of call center services, the country has the most experienced and advanced industries in call center services. It has the all required ingredients in assisting new companies who are new entrants in the industry from the provision of laws that will facilitate establishment, the required professionals and the development of best practices.

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