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Why work as a Call Center Nurse?

Posted on December 5, 2020 | 1 Comment on Why work as a Call Center Nurse?

A call center nurse is a general term which could mean three different professionals. First, it may refer to a nurse working as a healthcare worker in a call center company, which is required in compliance of health or OSHA rules. The second refers to a special kind of nurse working in a health related call center often affiliated to a hospital, whose nature of work involves the provision of healthcare advice or customer service via remote communication. Finally, the call center nurse can refer to nursing graduates and professionals who because of choice or no choice, prefer to work in the call center industry, which does not discriminate as what degree one has finished.

The first type of call center nurse is essentially an occupational nurse who works in a call center company. As such, this nurse attends to the health needs of the employees of a call center company, who are often suffering from sleep deprivation, substance abuse (i.e. alcoholism and cigarette smoking) and other diseases or emergency healthcare needs that employees may need while at work.

The second type of call center nurse is often called a call center advice nurse. This is basically a professional nurse offering one’ service over the telephone like giving advice to people, providing initial evaluation of people’s diseases, sickness, providing information as to the organizational policies, procedures and guidelines of the healthcare institution where people is making inquiries, among many others.

The third type of call center nurse refers to all nursing graduates and professionals who generally work in the call center industry. Because of the weakening demand and opportunity for nurses for local employment, many nursing graduates decided to join the call center industry as employees or call center agents. Many nursing graduates are working either as customer service assistant, sales and other services that are often health related. In some case, with the popularity of English online learning centers, many nurses also jumped into the bandwagon of serving as English tutors and teachers especially serving mostly Asian countries.

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