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Why Work in a Call Center?

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The call center industry is one of the biggest sources of employment for many of our young graduates and young professionals. This is especially because the industry offers flexibility in terms of what major course or degree was finished by the graduate. Hence, one can meet business graduates, IT graduates, teachers, nurses, social science graduates and even engineers working in a call center company. The only major qualification to be able to work in a call center is one’s English speaking skills. Most if not all companies even conduct additional training to improve an applicant’s communication skills as well as other skills (customer service/ technical skills) that one needs to provide quality service.

In most instances, newly graduates who have little or no work experience find work in the call center industry and use it to get a job experience or spring board to other industry of their choice. But why exactly would you want to work in a call center?

For one, the call center industry offers one of the most competitive salary rates especially for entry level applicants. An entry level of P10,000 to P12,000/ month cannot be easily found in some day time job especially for an inexperienced new graduate. Thus, the call center industry has become attractive to many newly graduate professionals.

Aside from the salary, the benefits package and other incentives of call center companies are also relatively generous compared to other local companies. For instance, some companies provide a monthly supply of rice, medical health insurance, and other benefits.

Secondly, the call center industry is a booming industry in the Philippines. In fact, the country is now regarded as the no. 1 outsourcer for contact centers. This only translates to a lot of opportunities for career growth in the call center industry. Because it is constantly growing, more officers are needed and more promotions are available.

Corollary to this, because of the magnitude of what the industry has become, one’s experience in one call Center Company can help one to easily shift to other companies within the industry with a higher pay or for a promotion. A call center experience helps one to become more employable to other BPO companies.

Thirdly, the call center industry offers work that saves one from the morning rush. Most call center companies operate at night. Working on a call center therefore saves one from the congested morning traffic that one needs to confront everyday. One conveniently works at night without the rush of people and the scourging heat of the sun.

Lastly, the call center industry is the industry of the young generation. Because call centers often hire young professionals including newly graduates, the call center industry is an industry of young people. If you are therefore young and are finding young people like you with whom you can socialize with, then this is the industry for you. Meanwhile, this is important because it helps you to expand your network of friends and acquaintances which in turn can help you with your career as well.

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