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WideOut Technology Services

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WideOut Technology Services or Wide-Out Workforces Inc. is a service provider for online advertising and marketing which specialization in Google and DoubleClick’s platforms for companies in North America, Europe, and Asia. With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, Wideout Philippines is at the forefront of online display ad production and is primarily engage in web development, web design, graphics design, search engine optimization, digital marketing, social medial marketing using the best online ad technologies for companies.

WideOut Technology Services aims of creating jobs that our employees are fervent about and to deliver added value services to through the smart application and implementation of the right technology. It envisions itself drive a global services economy where people with restricted access to jobs can benefit from theinfrastructure and skills provided by our organization.

Topping the Services of WideOut Technology Services is Rich-Media Production, Rich-Media In Action, Creative Design, Malware Analysis, Ad Operations, Quality Assurance, Campaign Management, Web & Application Development. Ad operations pertains to effective display advertising solutions. Creative design pertains to the creation of eye-catching visuals and innovative interactive content that lures customers to visit page, believe in company products and ultimately translate to purchases. Web and application development refers to the creation of the website front store for ecommerce online transcations as well as other online applications to support online transaction and facilitate sale and customer service. Malware analysis refers to protection from unsolicited third-party that hacks and attempts to attack display ad properties of website and network. Quality assurance refers to the satisfaction that its clients will derive from the quality of its services according to standards set or beyond client expectations. Finally, it also offers campaign management
in which it plans, launch, monitor, and analyze campaigns in your behalf using Google Analytics in order to identify and address loopholes or weaknesses as well as improve strength, take on opportunities and destroy threats to increase conversion rates and ultimately translate to making more money on the web.

Established in 2008 and a BOI-registered ICT Export Company for software application development, Wide-Out Workforces Philippines is located in:

  • Wideout McKinley
    10th Flr. Commerce & Industry Plaza
    1030 Campus Drive, McKinley Hill Town Center
    Fort Bonifacio, Taguig

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