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WinSource Solutions

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Established in 2005, WinSource Solutions call center is a Philippine-based business process service company that provides contact outsourcing services and IT outsourcing services to both local and international clients. WinSource Solutions call center specializes in telemarketing, transcription and encoding services and IT services such as computer aided design, graphics design, web development, software development, game development, programming, testing, and deployment.

WinSource Solutions call center aims to set the standards in BPO industry in empowering its work-force, introducing modern information technology, developing customer-centric solutions and facilitating strong management and leadership. WinSource Solutions commits itself in providing only best and most cost effective solutions to its global partners by ensuring only “state-of-the-art” IT infrastructure and proactive management that consistently works with partners to ensure that inputs are comprehensively solicited and outputs exceed expectations. WinSource Solutions call center takes delight in providing quality service. It organizes things in the simplest and clearest manner. WinSource values unity by maintaining transparency and fairness.

Winsource Solutions is guided by a philosophy of rendering the best possible service plus a bit more. Similarly, Winsource Solutions call center commits itself to the development of every individual in its organization and dedicates to maintain fairness in all its dealings with all stakeholders of the organization, from owner, management, partners, customers, employees and the general community. Winsource Solutions keeps trustworthiness by remaining consistent in its quality and service. Winsource Solutions commits to the timely delivery of services and finally, it continuously seek way to improve and innovate to ensure excellence.

Winsource Solutions is an integration of highly trained and experienced experts, proven delivery business models and the most modern technologies. Winsource Solutions especially values its people whom the company rewards profusely through competitive compensation, incentives and career growth. Winsource Solutions brings the power of people, partnerships, and possibilities within your reach.

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located at robinsons pioneer cybergate tower 1. apply now…

i’ve been with this company for just a few months and these are my observations. a. we have a GOOD management team. b. they may have made some wrong decisions but they are trying to fix them now. c. people were put on FL because they were NOT performing


Well, I guess people will only feel bad if they half-heartedly decided to work here. Bear in mind that your accounts pulled out and Winsource did not remove them. Why do accounts pull out? It all boils down to poor performance. If you feel that Winsource

these agents are really good agents. no doubt about it. of course there are a lot of factors which results to low perf. one of the biggest factors are the lists. they force these agents to come up with hundreds of sales where in fact the list that they ar

btw prowinsource… there is nothing you can do to clean the image of winsource here & specially on the production floor… go & ask everyone… sorry to burst bubble! 🙂

what we are doing here… is called telemarketing! & in order to motivate agents to get their sales is through commissions & not to scare them that they will be losing their jobs if they dont convert…

Anyway i believe you sign our contract and read it right? So all the changes that will be happening in the company you should abide by them. Read carefully the contract you will understand

you know what guys…winsource is not a bad company…try to understand the situation of the company…i was an employee of winsource and i (am) a pioneer agent as well, i became a regular employee because it is in the law that if you are in the company

flipp: kid,i know what ur trying to point out,,but man,during these times we need the support of the management,,but the only motivation we got is the fear of losing our jobs..

flipp: kid what they promised us should be ours,,our tenure is still holding us here,,im here almost 3 yrs now an thats a lot of money,,i could use that…some of us are feeding our families,etc

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