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Posted on March 24, 2016 | No Comments on Winterwood Online

Winterwood is a company of progressive property management that remains relevant, committed and inspired to serve both those who own its managed communities and those who live there.

Winterwood, Inc. functions as a full-service property management company, which focuses in housing for multiple families that are subsidized by the government. Being one of the most flourishing companies in the industry, Winterwood brags about almost over 3 decades of excellent business and service. While the main objective of the company is to deliver cost effective and desirable homes, it is also dedicated to keeping full compliance with all the government regulations appropriate and guaranteeing the continuous acknowledgement of every property’s value in order to make the most out of the investments of the owner.

Winterwood, Inc. also uses a variety of both state and federal programs to offer cost effective housing for families, persons with disabilities and the elderly. Included in the firm’s collection of apartment, town-homes and houses are the following:
– Properties that are conventionally financed
– Properties that are HUD insured
– Rural Development 515 properties
– Section 236 properties
– Section 202 properties
– Rent Supplement properties
– HOME properties
– SMALL properties
– 221 d(4) properties
– Properties financed under the IRS Section 42 Code using low income housing tax credits

Winterwood’s goal is to make sure that the customers would feel like their investments are safe, sound and secure. The company offers ways and means for the clients to track its performance in a 24/7 basis. The firm also believes that it stands apart from other management companies in the market and, it has already been proven over time. Apart from that, the company also has substantial experience and expertise when it comes to managing troubled assets.

Below are some of the core features of Winterwood, Inc.
– Timely Reporting of Metrics
– Same Day Support
– Multi-Layer protection
– Award Winning services
– Cloud Based Backups
– Consistent On-Site Staff

The company’s goal of providing its customers with exceptional service and the feeling that the investments are safe and in good hands does not end with its customers – it is also extended among the employees. Winterwood treats its employees as the company’s most valued asset, and therefore they are treated professionally and exceptionally well. Being a part of Winterwood’s team means that one’s employment is safe, sound and secure.

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