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Winward Software is a company that was founded in 1984. It focuses in retail POS software solution. It is a known multi-national company that provides services to more than 4000 clients across 35 countries, and all of these clients are using point of sale solutions that are powered by Winward. Tailored for the needs of independent retailers, the company’s point of sale solutions have been enhanced to be quick and easy to use, with distinctive functionality in a variety of industries. Winward Software Philippines also provides a fully combined one-stop retail software package to aid its clients and business owners start their business, grow and succeed.

The company also guarantees business owners to solve their unique control in inventory, point of sale, accounting, as well as the other various needs of the business when it comes to customer management by means of utilizing the company’s advanced system solutions. Winward System Five is easy to install and also easy to use. To guarantee the business owners and their staff to be able to use this application, the company also has exceptionally knowledgeable trainers and technical support experts that are all too willing to provide assistance and instructions so that the business owners can take full advantage of all of the system’s features. Winward System Five is a business management system that is complete and will allow the clients and business owners to access full control of the business from front counter sales, to the storeroom, to the back office accounting and all the spaces in between.

Winward System Five is the company’s primary product. It is a retail system that provides various features such as software for integrated point of sale, inventory control, customer relationship management and back end accounting. With this core product from Winward, business owners are now capable of working smarter and more efficient, as this application will help them run their business. No matter what the business owners sell, Winward System Five is the best system that they can use.

The company understands and acknowledges the fact that no two businesses are alike – selling motorcycles is different from selling appliances and furniture. Winward System Five has a series of soft switches that would allow the business owners to customize their installation for their required business processes. So no matter what kind of business it is, Winward has the industry experience to help business owners succeed.

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