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Work as Part Time Call Center Agent

The call center industry has one of the highest employment turnover rates. Employees come and go or move from one company to another. The high turn over rate was primarily attributed to health concerns because of the night shift schedule in the industry. This however does not affect the stability of the industry because of the consistent high supply for professional laborers that will provide manpower for the industry.

The call center industry has also become a lucrative opportunity for some students to do part time work. Many call center companies hire part time call center agents to fill positions during peak season as well as times when less people are interested. The set up is beneficial for both part time workers and the company. It allows part time workers to be productive and earn money during their free time while allowing call center companies to earn money whilst saving administrative costs on paying regular employees.

Working as a part time call center agent is usually available only for students and other workers who do not work in another call center company. Moonlighting or doing part time work in two different call center companies simultaneously is often proscribed. In most instances, the available part time work is during graveyard shifts when proclivity for absences among regular workers is higher. Hence, looking for a part time day job call center work is very rare. This makes it very hard for students to work at a call center and study at the same time.

Finally, part time call center workers are often paid slightly higher than regular employees but do not receive the regular incentives or benefits that regular workers have. However, one’s part time work is not only an opportunity to have a glimpse on the professional world, to gain experience and knowledge about the industry and the nature of its work but can also serve as a springboard for one’s eventual entry to the company.

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  1. apple Reply

    I would like to work as a part time call center agent in the morning.

  2. Princess Saharyl Irus B. Basman Reply

    Hi! i am an interested applicant for a part-time agent, available sched at week ends. saturday afternoon up to sundays.

  3. stephanie grace liggayu Reply

    Hi! I am interested to be a part of this team for a part time call center agent and I am free during weekends.Thank You

  4. angel Reply

    Hi Im interested to work as one of your part time worker i had total of 4 years experience as a recruiter in 1 of the BPO in pasig. Thank you!

  5. Mary Grace Ramos Reply

    Hi! I would like to apply as a part-time call center agent for night shift. Thank you

  6. Marlyn solayao Reply

    Hi! I would like to work as a part time call center agent. Thank you and God bless.

  7. 15/03/19

    Hi, im am incoming 4th year student at PNTC school of Maritime. I am taking Customs administration Course. maam/sir i would like to work as part time call center agent. As to earn money for my studies. thank you maam/Sir.Godbless !

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