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Things to Consider Before Working In a Call Center

Call centers seem to be the largest employment provider in the country these days. There are more and more people who are interested to be employed in these companies, because, aside from the competitive salary package, there are all kinds of bonuses and incentives that corporate firms seldom offer their employees. However, as much as you want to enjoy these so-called “call center perks” and start drafting your resume, there are also some things that you might want to think through before entering the call center world.

Work schedule. BPO companies are known to be catering firms overseas, particularly in the United States and other places in the other side of the globe. This means that your work schedule should abide with that of your customers, thus you should be willing to take graveyard shifts and shifting schedules. This also includes sacrificing your weekends and holidays when you are also required to report for work.

Paid time off and leaves. There could be a possibility that you would be assigned to a small campaign where there are only a limited number of agents on the floor. In these cases, filing for vacation leaves can be difficult, and most of the time, you would feel like you are not allowed to get sick.

Healthy lifestyle. Although this should not really be a problem, if you already have known health condition, you would need to take extra care of yourself. The cold of the night brought about by the graveyard shift along with the centralized air conditioning system, sitting for eight hours, and the limited places to buy healthy and decent meals can all add up and affect your health. Add the fact that most of your colleagues might be smoking during the shift, you should really be careful.

Quality time with your family. Working in the call center can sometimes sacrifice your time for your family. Although there are some family people who can still survive despite working in a shifting schedule, it would be challenging for you to balance your time for work and family. There would be days that you just want to lie down, rest and sleep instead of playing with your kids.

These are just some of the things that you might want to consider while deciding to work in a call center. These things seem easy to bear, and you can definitely get used to it, but then, time may come when you would just want to experience something more flexible and therefore different.

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