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Working Conditions for Call Center Employees

Working condition is a very broad term which can refer to the physical working environment as well as the well being of the employee. For this discussion, only a broad overview will be given about the working condition of call center employees especially focusing on what are apparent and very common experiences.

First of is the night shift schedule. Call center employees report and work in the office in wee hours of the night because most of them serve foreign customers from the other side of the planet. And of course, they sleep during the day, which obviously has a direct impact on their work life balance. The time zone difference that forces call center companies to operate and work at night accounts for the high rate of attrition and absenteeism in the industry.

The call center industry tries to compensate the health, safety and general well-being of its employees by providing a relatively higher pay compared to daytime office jobs. Many Filipinos are not really attracted by the high pay because it’s not really that generous. Many are applying mainly because of limited employment opportunities.

The work atmosphere inside a call center is hectic especially during peak hours. Everybody is working under pressure and tight deadlines. Many agents and employees resort to vices like drinking and smoking to cope with the stress and the pressure during breaks. Inside the office, it’s usually very cold that one needs to wear a jacket.

While many younger yuppies and newly graduates are excited of working at night and enjoying the night lifestyle of call center agents, the old timers especially the mothers and fathers, become bored of the routine work and deprivation for living abnormal lives i.e. working in the day and sleeping at night. These types of agents usually are looking for opportunities to get daytime jobs. Fortunately, everybody is easily dispensable because there are many new graduates that are aggressively needing and looking for jobs who can replace easily them.

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