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World Premiere Telecoms

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World Wide Premium Telecom or World Premiere Telecoms is an International Premium Rate Number provider. The company offered the first premium rate numbers reseller program delivered in multilingual format. World Premiere Telecoms is delving into new circumstances for advancement and opportunity by the promotion of its own and restricted international Premium Rate Numbers over promising nations around the world that are linked with assertive share profit and World Wide Access. The company has all-embracing knowledge and a renowned track record of over a decade in the Telecommunication market, providing services to multinational companies from around the world interconnected with over 70 Tier 1 Carriers.

World Premiere Telecoms offers International Premium Rate Numbers, Audiotext solutions, IVR application and architecture, on-line and real-time numbers activation, IP/SIP routing, VOIP applications, Web development, Billing platform architecture, Pricelist, List of test numbers and Download rate sheet. It also provides technical support lines for voting, getting horoscopes, fortune and tarot telling, as well as other virtual chat services 24/7 helpdesk, and SMS helpdesk.

World Premiere Telecoms delivers superior customer care using customer-centric model because it understands that the customers are principal measurers of quality. It offers 24/7 customer support services in multilingual channel from English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Japanese, German, Russian and Chinese among others in both oral and text format. The company has a global network of service delivery centers that provides that necessary cultural and language expertise needed by the company to serve an international market. Despite these differences in languages and culture, all agents of the company undergoes a single rigorous training about customer service because the principles of customer service are universal in nature.

World Premiere Telecoms Philippines call center office address:

  • World Premiere Alabang
    402 Common Goal Tower
    Madrigal Business Business Park
    Alabang, Muntinlupa City

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