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Xcel Solutions Corp

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Xcel Solutions Corp is a company that is recognized as a global leader in IT that delivers endwise information technology services. The firm operates with various small, medium and large organizations and businesses from different industries such as BFSI, Telecommunications and Media, Technology, Energy and Utilities, Manufacturing, Media and Retail. Xcel is dedicated to provide high class solutions by means of innovative and liberal results that will aid its clients to attain the IT strategies and business goals. Xcel Solutions Philippines has developed its expertise in over a decade of experience in the industry, in areas of IT consulting, professional services, software development and management among others.

Xcel Solutions Corp. is a leading service provider in information technology with a recognized track record of delivering value added services to companies included in the Fortune 500. The company’s attention has always been in the creating powerful relationships with its clients by means of its excellence when it comes to service and cost containment practices.

Xcel Solutions offers the following services:
– IT Consulting
– Software Development
– Project Management
– Managed Services
– Professional Services

The company has three main world-wide operation centers located in New Jersey, USA; Mexico City, Mexico and Manila, Philippines, serving its clients at different locations globally.

Xcel Solutions Corp. also intends to be the leader in the market as the Best-In-Class that provides excellent quality service that exceeds its clients’ expectations. The firm is skilled and proficient as well as qualified to attain its goals and objectives and keep its customers’ trust and maintain a long term relationship. The company also acknowledges that IT staffing also has to deliver skilled professionals to exceed clients’ expectations.

The company is always on a research regarding progressive technologies in its interest to deliver the high class technical solutions through the use of its resources. In this insight and on its exceptionally skilled professionals worldwide, the company has already developed a solution that will:
– Ensure to get the best aspirants with all the needed skill sets – fast and cost effective.
– Decrease the costs through a hybrid staffing program.
– Quicken the client’s time to market and ROI.

Xcel Solutions Corp. has also built its own Contemporary Enterprise Staffing Solution Product that would give it the guarantee to acquire exceptionally skilled professionals faster and cost effectively. The company is also thorough when it comes to screening procedures to make sure that when it gets the candidate to the client, the candidate is an excellent match for the client’s needs.

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