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Xilium Professional Services

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Xilium Professional Services is a company that specializes in delivering exceptional virtual assistance services to businesses by means of higher degree of skill and supreme customer service. Xilium Philippines was established in 2011 and has successfully collaborated with real estate agents, medical professionals, small business owners, executives and busy individuals. Xilium Professional Services is comprised of professionals who have college degrees, as well as pertinent amount of experience in the outsourcing industry.

Xilium Professional Services is known to provide the following virtual assistant services:
Medical Virtual Assistant. Clients in the medical field can outsource their administrative and receptionist tasks through the company’s registered nurses. Xilium has been working in the medical industry for over five years.

Business Virtual Assistant. Business owners can delegate their business’ back office support and business processes to the outsourced professional virtual assistants from Xilium.

Amazon Seller Assistant. Clients can get their Amazon accounts reinstated, and even keep the account from being suspended by the help of the company’s talented team.

Creative and Technical Team. Xilium also provides assistance to the clients when it comes to their online marketing campaign needs. The company offers website building as well as website maintenance. It can also take over in the business marketing campaigns to ensure the online presence of the clients’ businesses.

Why Work at Xilium Professional Services
There are various reasons why employees stay at Xilium Professional Services. Apart from the competitive salary it offers, it also provides its employees a working environment where everyone is treated equally and as true professionals. The staff also has flexible working hours so there is no allotted schedule for time and time out. Also, the company works in the principle that an organization should function in the value of trust and respect for each other. Furthermore, everyone is given the opportunity when it comes to decision making in their respective tasks as supported by the company’s philosphy of self-management.

Job Opportunities
As the company continues to expand, it also continues to look for qualified professionals to join the team. If you are interested to work at Xilium, you are encouraged to submit your application as the company offers various job postings.

Xilium Philippines call center office address:

  • Xilium Iloilo
    4/f Insular Life Building
    Gen. Luna St., Brgy. San Felix
    Iloilo City, Philippines

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