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Xlibris Philippines

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Xlibris Philippines is a pioneering premium publishing services provider that allows writers to publish their book and other writing projects in the fastest and most convenient way. Xlibris Call Center provides the essential support and infrastructure such as back office support services e.g. book design and layout, editing as well as marketing and distribution of the finished products. Unlike conventional publishers, which evaluate and choose books primarily on the basis of their sales potential and procure rights to the book, Xlibris do not acquire rights, but maintains the copyright exclusively to the author. In short, Xlibris Philippines simply facilitates publication and makes authors publishers of their own work. Publishing with Xlibris therefore empowers independent writers to become self-publishers. Xlibris Call Center thus offers writers a cost efficient alternative to become a published author.

Xlibris Philippines offers a broad range of other alternatives to incapacitate writers with ways and means to steer through the publishing industry under their full control. Xlibris Call Center also offers special promotions to better market the products and enhance sales revenues.

The name Xlibris was derived from the Latin word “ex libris” which literally translates to “from the library of”. This term was used principally to identify the owner of the book. After a decade of publishing books, Xlibris now have more than 50,000 titles in print from over 40,000 authors and counting. Xlibris Call Center has become the most reliable and most preferred publishing services provider to commercial writers, budding writer, and young and fresh writers. Xlibris has also become an instrument for many writers around the world who aspire of becoming a published author. XLibris Philippines thus has been regarded as a place created by writers, for writers because it has made the dream of becoming a published writer a reachable reality for everyone.

Xlibris’ print on-demand-technology provides a comprehensive guidance to both professional and nascent authors in the publishing process. Finished books that a ready for marketing is made available in the Xlibris’ online bookstore, which is the marketing and distribution arm of the company that makes the published book availability for order to over 25,000 retail outlets around the globe. Print on demand means that Xlibris Philippines only prints a copy of the book when a customer places an order. Xlibris Philippines prints the required quantity and facilitates the delivery (shipping) as well as payment for the transaction. Customers are given the option of buying hardback, paperback, and full color picture versions of the book, depending on the directives of the author.

Xlibris Philippines is located in:

  • XLibris Cebu
  • Xlibris Corp
    1663 Liberty Drive Suite 200
    Bloomington, IN, USA

For career opportunities, please visit Xlibris Philippines Job Openings.

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