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XSPatforms is a company that is known internationally. It provides guaranteed solutions for working safely at heights. If one is working on roofs, facades or high structures, then XSPlatforms has all the systems needed to provide the supreme comfort and protection while working. The company has been enhancing advanced and innovative solutions for working safely at heights for more than fifteen years. This enhancement is by way of idea and design, manufacture and assembly, inspection and control. XSPlatforms Philippines total solution packages even go beyond the international standards for occupational safety.

XSPlatforms is headquartered at in the Netherlands but the firm is active globally, with its 22 other offices scattered worldwide – in Western Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia. Together with its dealers, the company delivers solutions for occupational safety to every part of the world. The firm even trains users in its locations so that its clients can maximize its products. It is made possible by means of first, identifying the risks, so the clients and customers don’t overlook anything accidentally. Second, by enhancing a customized solution exclusive for the clients.

XSPLatforms focuses in custom systems. The reason behind this is that complicated problems need innovative and advanced solutions. it is a challenge that the company has gladly took and accepted 100 percent every day. The firm is dedicated to focus on safety, convenience, quality and design, and it begins but listening to its client’ questions and evaluating experiences. Only then the firm can ensure the ideal working comfort. The company has an extensive range of products where in the customers can explore the possibilities.

XSPlatform products include:
– Fall protection
– Facade Maintenance
– Suspended platform systems
– Scaffolding systems

Working XSPlatforms would mean performing at great heights – the company is known worldwide for its solutions in fall protection solutions, facade maintenance equipment, scaffolding systems and suspended platform systems. The farm is a fast paced and growing organization with advanced and innovative insights and ideas, ambitious plans and high level potential. The company recognizes itself from its competitors in a fast growing market where construction projects become more and more complicated by being a frontrunner when it comes to design and innovation. With advanced and innovative solutions, the company continuously challenges itself to combine all aspect of safety, customers’ questions and possibilities. The firm has a high standard, but the determination is even higher.

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