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Yavin Technologies

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Yavin Technologies is a reputable company that offers virtual service. The company is committed to linking local talent with businesses across the globe, wherever virtual services of exceptional quality are needed. Yavin Philippines is operated by highly knowledgeable individuals who acquired their talents through their personal experience of more than 10 years in administering successful virtual service companies. The team possesses an massive network which results from the excellent work that Yavin Technologies provides.


Website Development
The company has a pool of talented web developers and designers, as well as IT experts which guarantees to establish a spectacular and functional website for the client’s business which will feature its reliability and stability.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
A good website is just a beginning, and directing traffic to the website is another thing. Yavin Technologies has a team of experts when it comes to SEO that will guarantee that a visitor searching for something on the internet finds its clients.

Executive Assistants (Virtual Assistants)
An Executive Assistant would be the client’s right hand man or woman. This individual handles everything, from booking the flights, arranging schedules, screening emails and interviewing applicants for the business. Basically the function of the Executive Assistant is to make the client’s business load lighter.

Writing Services (Content and Technical Writers)
Yavin Technologies also has a pool of experienced content and technical writers who have written a vast amount of papers – be it print, school or business. This service can greatly help the clients, especially if a client needs to write a speech and he or she no longer has the time to do so.

Call Center (Customer Support and Sales)
The company’s call center facility is the place where highly-trained and exceptionally professional customer service representatives can be found. These individuals deliver excellent services when it comes to call handling, both inbound and outbound to the B2B and B2C markets of the company’s clients.

Yavin Technologies is dedicated to make itself globally competitive when it comes to the provision of ecommerce services. It is also committed to be the undisputed leader when it comes to providing ecommerce solutions to the business owners of various industries around the world. It aims to be the number one choice of the business owners who are in search for ecommerce solutions, administration and services.

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