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YBM Phone N Talk

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YBM Phone N Talk is a company that has been recognized as the leader in English language education in Korea. It was founded in 1961 and has become the best successful and popular English language education in Korea, and ever since, the company has done its best to meet the evolving demands of the nation’s language learners with highly advanced and innovative products and services. It has been decades since the company was established, but its objective never changed – to acquire and to make the finest English and other language study products available to the public.

In the predictable future, two expanses will stand in the front of the company’s corporate priorities – language study and application of technology in education. The firm is enthusiastic in enhancing these priorities by means of expanding line of both land based and internet delivered products and services.

Publication – YBM is also known as the leading magazine publisher in Korea beginning in 1961. That was when it published its very first magazine called The Study of Current English. As of today, YBM publishes three monthly magazines and one web magazine.

Language Schools – YMB delivers language learners in various countries different kinds of English language study programs. These study programs are comprised of test preparation courses and joint programs with universities abroad. This is made possible through the 150 language schools in Korea, 2 in Canada, 1 in China and 1 in the Philippines.

Testing Services – The company featured the TOEIC test to Korea in 1982. The TOEIC appeals to more than two million candidates every year.

Online Business – A subordinate of YBM, Sisa.com focuses in online education services. Utilizing YBM’s wide range collection of language-study materials, enhanced over the company’s account of more than forty years, YBM/Sisa.com’s e4uCyber Language Institute delivers various foreign-language study content and lessons to websites, mobile communications companies and multimedia libraries.

International Schools – Korea International School is a different entity but an affiliated organization of YBM. To supply the growing needs for English-medium education in Korea, Korea International School delivers a US-based curriculum for pupils in grades pre-K through 12. The pupils attending in KIS are foreign passport holders who live in Korea and also, Koreans who returned from overseas.

YBM delivers the products and revolutions, and also incessant enhancements to make finest English and other language products available to the public, as well as testing services and technology application and education.

YBM Phone N Talk Philippines call center office address:

  • YBM Eastwood
    IBM Plaza
    Eastwood City Cyberpark
    E. Rodriguez Avenue, Bagumbayan
    Quezon City, Philippines

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