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YBM/Si-sa Philippines

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Established in 1961, YBM/Si-sa is the leading English language educational training institution in South Korea, which is especially known for pioneering it innovating products and services to address the dynamically changing demands and requirements of its market. YBM/Si-sa Philippines main objective is to develop and provide the finest English training product and services that will ensure the learning of the English language and bridge the cultural and language gap between English speaking people as well as the company’s clients, which are composed of Koreans, Chinese and Japanese.

YBM/Si-sa offers a diverse range of products and services that serves both individual clients as well as institutional and corporate clients for their English training needs. It provides publication of magazines, books, dictionaries and other reading materials that is used for facilitating English teaching in foreign language. YBM/Si-sa Philippines has established specialized language schools that caters different markets like adults, children, academicians and an English village in which acculturation is facilitated. It developed testing services for English, Japanese and Chinese. It established an International School in Korea that especially caters international students. It has overseas study services including diploma courses, language courses. It also has an online education center which provide online training, digital content sales, test and web agency. Finally, the YBM/Si-sa also provides social services in different countries for the promotion of the Korean culture and for facilitating cross cultural exchange in countries where Koreans are present.

YBM/Si-sa in the Philippines was opened in 2006. It was basically a language center providing one on one English tutorial lessons to Korean students and professionals. In 2007, the company initiated the YBM PNT (Phone and Talk), which essentially provided tutorial training online via VOIP communication. YBM Philippines differentiates itself from other English training center as it is staffed with trainers who are all University degree holders, experienced in teaching, and has developed excellent in American accent to impart the same skills to students.

YBM/Si-sa Philippines call center office address:

  • YBM Libis
    28th Floor IBM Plaza Bldg
    Eastwood City, Cyberpark
    Libis Quezon City Philippines

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