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Yew Tree Services

Yew Tree Services is a Business Process Outsourcing company that specializes in the provision of financial consultancy to financial institutions (e.g. UK Merchant Bank), small companies and even individuals, loan services, and treasury services among others. Financial services of Yew Tree Services includes strategic consultancy advice, portfolio monitoring and management, marketing, property management, market and investment analysis, risk analysis, property acquisition and asset management. This entails a clear understanding of client objective and requirements, personally attending to financial meetings of clients, being part of negotiations and documentation reviews.

For its loan services, Yew Tree Services provides consultancy on property investment or development, domestic and international trade financing, among others. When it comes to financial transactions, Yew Tree Services has extensive experience in legalities that’s why it includes Expert witness service which pertains to legal disputes arising from banking and lending. Thus, Yew Tree Services included the provision of clear and compliant underwriting procedures and practices, correct framing of loans, sufficient documentation, security and guarantees, property valuation and consultancy to regulatory laws pertaining to general banking practices.

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