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Yusen Logistics

Posted on July 15, 2017 | No Comments on Yusen Logistics

Yusen Logistics roots can be traced way back 1955. It started as an air transport agent behind its erstwhile company name, Kokusai Ryoko. From there, the company grew and went through different rebranding. In 1961, Yusen Air & Sea Service Co., Ltd. was born.

Success followed through with the name change as the company achieved domestic air freight forwarder license in Japan and thereafter, an International air freight forwarder license was rewarded to the company which broke the ground for Yusen’s future.

In the present day Yusen Logistics went on to offer services aside from the usual air freight solutions. It’s a company that’s considered a major player in the logistics world with services for company solutions, transport and warehouse & distribution. True enough, our company has zeroed in on dominating the logistic demographics.

We provide our clients answers for the basic “why, how, when” questions which proves to be critical to the path they plan to head. Yusen Logistics solves the puzzle behind why their client wants to succeed. We provide the answer for how they’ll do it. And our company will go out on a limb and set a due date on when it’ll be achieved. That’s how confident we are with our services.

Yusen Logistics only provides the best services for our clients. Offering a wide-range of support for transport services like Air Freight Forwarding, Ocean Freight Forwarding, and Road and Rail Transport, our company is sure to deliver what you need, and more.

For industries, our company has formulated a foolproof plan to cater to the needs in Automotive Logistics, Aerospace Logistics and Retail Logistics to ensure the success of your businesses in the long run.

Fueled by our vision, Yusen Logistics aims to bringing businesses closer to the people it wants to serve through the help of logistics. We’ve set ourselves in a mission to cover all grounds when it comes to logistics and become the preeminent choice of companies when it comes to these services. We want growth and innovation to rule the business world and we won’t stop until we achieve it.

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