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YuuZoo is a company that is known for uniquely integrating social networking, e-commerce and gaming in a mobile-optimized, entirely localized virtual shopping mall, where the consumers have access to numerous targeted social networks, aimed shops and specified entertainment by means of one single login. All networks are restricted for each market when it comes to language as well as products and design. YuuZoo Global Software is headquartered in Singapore with access to more than 110 million users and 800 million TV viewers in 164 countries.

Targeted Mobile Social Networks – these are enabled by the YuuZoo platform wherein users can communicate with others that have similar interests, included in the same age groups or being situated similar location. Furthermore, the aimed networks YuuZoo provides run on a distinct and patent-pending social networking platform that allows fast and easy rollouts of various aimed social networks, each with personalized design, content, advertising and e-commerce capabilities.

Targeted Networks for Customers – within the clients’ own social network, they can interact with their customers in a fresh and revenue-producing way, differentiating themselves from the competitors. Every Social Network created by YuuZoo for its clients is comprised of all key social network features, including newsfeed, profile pages, messaging, chatting, sharing of pictures and videos, access to virtual items, digital content and product stores, live streaming and a whole lot more.

YuuCard – this is a mobile e-wallet application which assists sellers in dispatching loyalty programs to consumers and following discount offers. With the help of a location targeting technology, merchants can simply promote their products to their consumers and use the group buying power my means of electronic gift cards and vouchers. In addition, YuuCard allows sellers to tap into their social networking tools with enriched social relationships.

YuuZoo Corporation is a continually growing company that provides opportunities to individuals who are impassioned about social networking and e-commerce. YuuZoo signifies the next generation of social networks powered by the global mobile revolution.

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